Graphic Design

Classic Folder Design

Truck Catalogue

Feather banners for 3 logos I designed

Smart Fold Menu - Side 1

Smart Fold Menu - Side 2

Logo and Mascot Design, with Van Branding

Pizzology Poster AD

LOGO Design & Signage

B.O.N Banner Designs

Voigts Plant Hire Billboard 

B.O.N Magazine Ad

Lions River Breweries Telescopic Banner

Joberg2C Map (Design & Illustration)
Lions River Breweries (Logo Design, Pull up banner design)

Pizzology- Rock-on Shirt

Pizzology-Pop-Art Menu (selected icons shown from inside)

Brakeparts Catalogue (594 pages)

Calendar design, side 2 of the project

6x3m Billboard design

4m wide bannerwall, illustrated completely from scratch
2mx2m print in my office- Recieved a Daily Deviation award on deviantart
Inside of Menu for Pizzology

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